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Our Business Model

~ Finding ways to work with you and your organization ~

We have already enjoyed working with a variety of different clients across Canada, and look forward to continuing this journey with associations, organizations and independent meeting planners for years to come. There are 2 different operational licences that we can use to work with you and your organization.

Organizational Licence

Whether your organization hosts one large annual event a year, or you’re in charge of monthly programs across a large region, the Organizational Licence allows you to use the ESP Suite of Services to plan and execute all your events, year after year.

This Licence requires a one-time buy-in (followed a much smaller annual renewal fee) – but grants you access to every single operational module in the ESP Suite, for as many events as you like, for as long as you need it.

Event Planner Licence

How often are event planners switching from one online tool to another, for a variety of different clients because they’ve all had to piece together their own set of online event management tools separately? Too often – welcome to EventSystemPro.

The Event Planner Licence also requires a one-time buy-in (again, followed by a much smaller annual renewal fee), but each event set-up on the system is charged for separately. This allows planners the freedom to budget appropriately for each event, charge their clients a much smaller amount for this type of technology than they normally would have to, and even leaves rooms for mark ups! Before you know it, you can have your clientel affording you the use of ESP’s Suite of Service all year long.

Included in all of our Licences:

  • Training, First-Time event set-up and Support
  • Basic Event Skin set-up and design
  • Unlimited event webpages
  • Web-hosting
  • Personalized URL for your organization’s ESP profile
  • Unlimited users
  • API to connect your system to your online merchant service provider

** Customization and SSL Certificates are sold separately

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