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What is ESP?

~ Built by Event Planners, for Event Planners ~

EventSystemPro is a robust, yet simple to use web-based event management tool that includes:

  • Responsive Event Web Site (Content) Management
  • Event Registration Management and Reporting
  • Call for Abstracts/Presentations Management and Evaluation
  • Event Marketing and Communications Management
  • Membership Management
  • Invoicing and Budgeting Tools
  • Logistics Management

Committed to providing excellence in professional client services, our mission is to empower organizations to successfully plan, produce and manage events while saving valuable time, expense and resources.

Web Site / Content Management
Seamlessly create, edit, and review information with our content management system. EventSystemPro's content management solution will empower you to update webpage content, without requiring knowledge of web coding. It delivers a dynamic online experience to visitors, which will help achieve your goals.
  • Update website content easily
  • Create new pages instantaneously
  • Add, delete, and create links to pages
  • Paste directly into the editor
  • Change fonts, font sizes
  • Easily post images, maps, youtube videos and much more!

If you can use common desktop tools to write a letter, or create a table, you can do this as well!

Responsive Web Design
Thinking of getting a separate mobile website? Think again!
Impress your audience with a responsive web design that is not simply professional, but sustainable and globally manageable. Responsive web design is a standard design methodology employed by EventSystemPro, as it continues to create a custom experience for all our clients.
  • Creates custom solutions for a wider range of users, across multiple devices
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Flexible and simple
Event Registration Management and Reporting
Easily manage your event with EventSystemPro's dynamic online registration management. Includes multi-tiered pricing, discounts and promotion codes, automatic invoicing and receipting. Features Include:
  • Customized to the look and feel of your event website
  • Collects attendee information that you need, including but not limited to contact information, dietary requirements, access requirements, social media ID’s
  • Group registration
  • Manage your attendee information online, or download an Excel spreadsheet on demand

Hosted on a robust, secure, independent web platform, EventSystemPro’s online registration system can be accessed from any web-enabled device, PDA, mobile phone or laptop (Windows or Mac OS).

Call for Abstracts / Presentations Management and Evaluation
Cast a wide net for potential speakers with EventSystemPro’s bilingual abstract submission and evaluation module. Features Include:
  • Abstract submissions conveniently made via an online portal
  • Collect speaker biographies
  • Successful submissions can be added to your online agenda with the click of a button
  • Comes with a list of standard questions that you can choose to use
  • Add as many questions to your form as you like

Whether domestic or abroad, your steering committee can evaluate, rate, and comment on potential sessions from anywhere! Meanwhile, you:

  • Customize evaluation instructions and questions
  • Assign specific submissions to specific evaluators
  • Hide speaker and/or submitter information
Event Marketing and Communications Management
When an organization is managing mass emails, conducting surveys, sending out newsletters etc. they often find themselves using multiple platforms to complete these activities. With EventSystemPro's suite of services you can do all of these tasks and more in one convenient location, with one tool.

Features Include:

  • Upload many contact lists
  • Turn participant lists into contact lists with the click of a button
  • Easy to Create, manage, and distribute surveys
  • Employ HTML templates for newsletters
  • Send one communication to multiple different lists at the same time
  • Manage and edit contact information
  • Search individuals
  • Manage "unsubscribes" 

Whether you are seeking immediate feedback on your organization's current/future initiatives, conducting event related evaluations, sending out newsletters to members, or marketing your upcoming events ESP's communication and survey tools can be fully adapted to meet your needs.

Membership Management
ESP makes it easy for you to connect with your members.
ESP's membership management has several features to save you time and effort. Share and update your membership data in real time, store details about your members in one place, and easily access member information anywhere at any time.
  • Export membership information into easy to use excel spreadsheet
  • Send targeted emails
  • Export to Microsoft Outlook for complex merge emails
  • Allow your members to login and update their profiles at any time, on any device
  • Set-up membership validation on event registration pages
  • Synch your membership portal with an eCommerce page to collect dues or registration fees
  • Schedule automatic renewal messages to the membership
  • Set-up and manage Member-Only content
Invoicing and Budgeting Tools
You will save both time and money with EventSystemPro’s automatic electronic invoicing and receipt features:
  • Automatically emailed to attendee and/or attendee’s administrator at time of registration
  • Group registrations conveniently reflected on one invoice with optional group discounts
  • Back end editing features update invoices automatically, including tacking refunds, discounts, editing of cost options and cancelations.

Keep track of your event’s revenue and expenses with an easy to use tool that integrates an event’s registration list and its finances, with your reports. You can easily track down A/R, categorize your conference expenses and associated taxes, and consistently monitor the overall financial health of your event.

Logistics Management
How many times have you been frustrated trying to marry the several different reports and operational plans you have for event, into one concise document? Well worry no more - ESP’s logistics tool lets you set-up your registration area, meeting rooms, food and beverage requirements, start and end times –and everything in between. Handing this document to your on-site reps will greatly ease your day-of anxiety.

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